"The Great Outdoors" Volume 1
1. The Great Outdoors
2. Emily
3. Going in Deep
4. Bylbie's Ridge
5. Ducks Unlimited
6. Country Run
7. Full Stringer
8. Big Buck Club
9. Please Save the Rivers, Lakes
    and Streams
10. Woods~N~Water
11. Gypsy Rambler

Bouns Track:
American Smile
Weekend Good Ole' Boys
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1. Intro
2. Rockin Chair
3. Old Southern Porches
4. Sittin, Thinkin, & Drinkin
5. Hands Of A Guitar Man
6. Fruit Of Your Labor
7. The Only Thing Missing
8. Love Can Be Like A Muddy River
9. I Just Can't Drive Without The Outlaws
10. One Of A Kind
11. Wild Mustang
12. No Guarantees
13. Brother, I'll Wait For You (Shawn's Song)
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1. The Perfect Life
2. Leavin' Louisiana
3. Ya Mess With The Bull (ya get the horns)
4. Ohio Feels Like Texas Tonight
5. The Last Honky Tonk
6. The House Where The Broken Hearts Go
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1. Daddy's Advice
2. Releasing The Dream
3. Holdin' One For Dear Life
4. The Perfect Life
5. Leavin' Louisiana
6. The House Where Broken Hearts Go
7. Fruit Of Your Labor
8. Wild Mustang
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Side A:
1. Weekend Good Ole Boys
2. Cowboys Are Good At Goodbyes
3. American Style
4. Bib Overalls
5. Two Ole Lonesome Quarters

Side B:
1. Don't You Dare
2. Runaway Train
3. James and the Wind
4. A Soldier's Farewell
5. Rough Cut

Woods N' Water
Peter, Kate & Cody Fiduccia's
Woods N' Water TV Series
Celebrating 28 Years of Quality
Outdoor Entertainment

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