Residence: Mt. Juliet, TN.

Years Writing & performing: 20 years

Favorite singers: Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard (and the rest of the outlaws), Bruce Hornsby, James Taylor

Favorite Female singers: Shelby Lynn, Martina McBride, Bonnie Raitt

Favorite Actors: Ben Johnson, Sam Elliot, Robert Duval

Favorite Movies: Jeremiah Johnson, Tender Mercies, (any ol'western), Braveheart (Irish, Scottish movies)

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Horses, collecting wild west memorabilia

Sports: Hockey (coach for Mt. Juliet hockey and little league baseball), Pro Football

Favorite Colors: Earth tones and Red

Q.  How long has he been in Nashville?
A.  He has owned a home in Mt. Juliet TN. for 10 years.

Q.  Does he perform around town?
A.  Yes..... In clubs around Mt. Juliet and down town Nashville (during the tourist season.)

Q.  Does he have a regular band?
A.  Yes..... he calls them "The Wild Mustang Band".

Q.  Did they play on his recent CD?
A.  Yes..... The Core, (Bass, Drum, Guitars), of "The Wild Mustang Band" did the session.

Q.  Does he write?  And how big is his song catalogue?
A.  Yes and in the range of 300 songs.

Q.  Does he have any other song cuts?
A.  Yes..... He wrote and recorded theme song for an outdoor TV show titled "Woods and Waters" which can be seen on syndicated TV.

Q.  What are his career goals?
A.  To secure a major label recording contract, make music videos, and do what he loves most "PERFORM."

If you have any more question you would like James to answer
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