James Patrick Lynch is a singer/songwriter who has been entertaining country music crowds for over 20 years. His traditional brand of original music has hailed him both popular and critical success in his hometown. James started his career playing local clubs and halls as The James and Josie Band, but soon the band decided to part ways and James pursued a solo career.

Since taking that defining step, James has flourished as an independent songwriter building a catalog that currently spans over 200 songs. Due to the amount of writing that James does, he decided to open Big Pony Music Publishing (ASCAP). Through Big Pony, James enjoyed the biggest professional accomplishment of his career when he was asked to write and perform the title song for an outdoors syndicated television program Woods and Waters with host Peter Fiduccia. Recently, Danny Mac (APCO Records) recorded Too Many Memories, a song that James penned with longtime friend and Buffalo native Phil Dillon (Nickel City Publishing/ASCAP) and Stuart Ziff co-writer of David Ballís Thinkiní Problem.

In 1987 James started his first business, the one he is most proud of, Wild Mustang Records. Through this record label he is able to offer the listener four collections of music that highlight his songwriting, musical, and producing talents. Rough Cut was first issued at a cassette release party. The songs chosen for this project were hometown favorites written and recorded between 1987 and 1994, and put together for the fans.

The Perfect Life, his second compilation, was one that James dreamed about producing for many years. The five Lynch originals were all recorded after James relocated to Nashville. The only song that he did not write was pitched to him through a Nashville contact. All of the musicians featured on the CD are Nashville players. They now form the Wild Mustang Band. Ironically, the studio that his project was recorded in, Creative Recording Studios, was the very same one where James recorded, Two Ole Lonesome Quarters, in 1987. That was the first time James recorded in Nashville. The record played in several jukeboxes in Western New York in the late 80ís and early 90ís.

LIVE 2001 was recorded at Douglas Corner Cafť for an industry showcase and released in the fall. The project was a grassroots effort to offer his fans a nostalgic recording that would remind them of his club playing days from years-gone-by.

Live at Sun Studio, is a collection of never recorded music, both new and old. It was recorded while James was working in Memphis. The recording is entirely guitar/vocal, and is reminiscent how James oftentimes has held an audience with such a simplistic style.

James is very excited about his latest project The Great Outdoors: Volume 1. Itís over 15 years in the making, with some new songs that were penned for the album, and a bunch of old campfire favorites that he use to play when he was at deer camp. Sure to be an instant favorite with his devoted fan base, James is looking to lure in the die hard hunting and fishing audience that share his love for The Great Outdoors.

James now owns a home in Mt. Juliette, TN where he lives with his wife Rita, and his children Christine, James Cody and Thomas Coltin. James enjoys his free time hunting, fishing, and waiting for the day that he reaches his final objective - securing a major label-recording contract.