The Great Outdoors Volume 1.

1. The Great Outdoors James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) This song really sets up the whole project. It celebrates a lot of the themes and stories that I wanted to tell. If I had the chance, I’d spend every day just like the opening line of the song: “Gonna do a little hunting, gonna do a little fishing…I’ve got nothing on the wire, except for me and the Great Outdoors and that’s heaven in my mind!” I also hope it motivates people to get out of the house and do something. Sure I want our kids to “say no to drugs,” but there’s another drug that our society is addicted to: TV, videogames, surfing the net…when I was a kid I loved to be outside, walking in the woods, or playing sports. It doesn’t matter what it is, just get out and do something.

2. Emily James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) During the 2008 Presidential election debates; there was a lot of talk about the Second Amendment right and the NRA. People were afraid that they would lose their right to bear arms, gun sales soared, and I was happy to have my Emily. Who is Emily you ask? It’s an Ithaca shotgun that I bought second hand and I have been hunting the Zoar Valley with ever since. I wrote this novelty song and started playing it at camp for fun. “Well it may sound crazy that a friend is an old shotgun, but she’s something special I can hand down to my son. She’ll teach him like she has taught me, what respect and freedom should be, my old shotgun Emily.” Soon it was being requested at shows, and really took on a life of its own. I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with the Ithaca Gun Company ( to design a special edition Emily Model 37 Featherlight Shotgun. It’s engraved with a quote from the song: “There’s people trying to take my Emily away, don’t they know about the N.R.A and the Second Amendment says: ‘We’ve got the right to bear arms…” Go on and get ya one!

3. Goin’ in Deep James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) Man, I lived a lot of hunting camp stories to write this one! A bunch of year’s back I met a pack of backwoods boys that told me about this deer camp they owned in Zoar Valley, NY. Their stories were so alive and it sounded like they had a blast when they got together. That camp and our stories spawned a lot of these songs. I didn’t change any of the names because there were no innocent people to protect –lol. Every time I perform this one it takes me back because the memories still rent room in my head. I’ll see you boys when I make it back home!

4. Bylbie’s Ridge James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) “There’s a place that I’ve been where the pine trees talk to the wind…” This place is Bylbie’s land; the ridge at the top is so scenic and historic. You can see farmland that disappears into the Cattaraugus Creek. There’s an old farmhouse that was built in the 1800’s, and the tombstone of Jesse Frye –who, as the story is told, was killed on his land by the Indians. The whole area is rich with Native American influences that add to the culture and lore. Bill, Dean's brother, was a piano teacher, so we knew we needed that in the song –R.I.P my friend.

5. Ducks Unlimited James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) When I started pulling the songs together for this project I had more than 25 years of writing to choose from, still, I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something. I set out write a little song about duck hunting and the words poured out in about a half an hour. I hope we’ll always be able to enjoy this pastime, and I hope the song becomes a recruiting call and an anthem for this terrific conservation organization…”Come on and be a member of Ducks Unlimited (”

6. Country Run James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) I couldn’t even think of this project without this song. It’s relaxing, it’s peaceful, and it’s what I love to do with my wife Rita and the kids…We’ll jump in the family car and just drive out to the country to get away from it all after grinding out a long week of work.

7. Full Stringer James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) Holcum Pond is right up the road from camp and a terrific little fishing hole that I’d go to. There were many mornings that I’d wake up to the smell of bacon frying in an old cast iron pan; I can almost taste it now. I love the way this one came out on the record, the production and arrangement is pretty simple, and it just makes you want to go fishing. They players really delivered in the studio –thanks guys.

8. Big Buck Club James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) The real title of this song is The Zoar Valley Indian Arrowhead Big Buck Club! So many of these songs were written about this camp. The guys are like brothers and we still get together when I come home to Buffalo. I don’t know what to say about this one because the lyrics say it all.

9. Please Save the Rivers, Lakes & Streams James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) I moved to Nashville to write songs like this. I was blessed to grow up on the Niagara River and Lake Erie; most of the mills had already closed down, but there were always stories about the pollution they caused. I started this song and put it on the shelf for a while; years later I was fishing in a local river and there were tires and plastic bags in the water. I makes you start to think. We are a nation of consumers, and everything today is disposable, but who’s watching out for our future –“...for our children and their children. Please save the rivers, lakes, and streams.”

10. Woods & Water James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) I met Peter Fiduccia (TV Host) at an outdoor show and we just bonded. We were both from New York, and I asked him if he’d be interested in a theme song for the show. I loved the program, so I quickly went to work writing and producing a demo. Peter adopted the song that year and I’ve been privileged to be working with him for 14 years already. You can find out more about the program at

11. Gypsy Rambler James Patrick Lynch / Phil Dillon (ASCAP/BMI) This next song was inspired by a friend of mine who had recently lost his mother. His father, who was already retired, decided to sell the house, buy a RV (, and set out to see America. Phil and I have collaborated on a couple other songs, and while we were doing the pre-production for this project I knew we had to add it.

Bonus Tracks:
American Smile James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) This song was originally recorded for the Rough Cut album (1994) and when I play it live people always connect to it. It talks about hard times and heroes. Our economy is in a recession and we just saw our government bail out private businesses. We don’t always agree with where our tax dollars or American troops go, but we enjoy being “…the home of the brave where we’re left free to choose…”, and we know that comes at a cost. Our county was built by people that know how to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again. I recently added another verse to pay tribute to our troops stationed abroad –come back safe, come back soon, and come back the heroes you are…

Weekend Good Ole Boys James Patrick Lynch (ASCAP) In 1994 I put out a cassette (I know…scary) and this was the first track. It’s fast and fun and fit with the theme of this project. I wanted to include it because there were always a lot of requests for it. It didn’t make the final cut, so we added this demo as a bonus track.